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Label Printing Scale
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Label Printing Scale

Model: DIGI SM110P+ Brand: DIGI
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Product Description
1. Memory: 1M/2M, can store 4000/8000 items of information;
2. Bar code: built-in 15 barcode formats;
3. Adopting high-speed thermal printer, high print quality, fast speed, with double-sided display arm, beautiful and applicable, preset 56 shortcut keys.
4. The content of the product library can be customized by the user;
5. Users can flexibly set printing parameters, barcode mode, and print format parameters according to their needs;
6. With 56 preset shortcut keys, it is convenient to transfer the goods;
7. The label format design is simple and convenient;
8. According to the PLU number of the product, the sales weight and sales amount can be counted. It's convenient to check and manage departments.
9. There are a variety of discount methods, which can be used for various promotional activities. And it can print out the pre-discount price and the discounted price. With TCP/IP network mode;
10. The PLU library, print format, shortcut keys, department, cabinet group, description information, date clock, etc, all that can be edited manually or by a computer. And the data can be downloaded or uploaded through the network;
11. The information can be transmitted between scales through the RS232 serial port or Ethernet port.
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