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PC-based Balance

Model: PC-03 Brand: So-star
Affiliate classification
Product Description


  • Windows 7 operating system,J1900 Quad-core processor
  • 15 inch touch LED main screen ,with capacitive touch funtion. 12" LED customer screen, which can display advertisements. The main screen can be adjusted upwards and downwards, and the customer screen can be adjsuted leftwards and upwards.
  • Built-in 58mm embedded printer
  • Sturdy stainless steel tray, precision weighing platform
  • Hidden I / O interface make the device more beautiful
  • Stainless steel frame to make the structure more robust and durable
  • waterproof design, make the device can adapt to more applications
  • Supporbarcode scanner, cash drawer, mouse, keyboard, printer and other external devices
  • Free development kit for development
  • Capacity: 15kg/30kg
  • RAM: 4G
  • SSD: 64G/128G

Notice: This product doesn't include cash register software. But this product can be compatible with any cash register software which is compatible with windows 7.

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