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Label Sticker

Model: 4030 Brand: So-star
Affiliate classification
Product Description

Material: three-proofing thermal stickers high-definition color paper


Specification: high 40 mm wide * 30    mm   *700 sheets per roll

Little round Angle:
The up and down or so spacing: 2 mm
Tube diameter of 40 mm   .
Thermal label is mainly used in the electronic scale of the supermarket, the surface coating on the material surface by carbon head direct contact and fever, due to the reaction black when it is heated, thus appear to print text. Thermal label printing is a chemical change, the information is difficult to save for a long time or exposure to the sun; And thermal transfer label printing is a physical change, can be well preserved in the process of logistics information.
1. Advantages:
Antistatic performance, high sensitivity, high speed printing, low cost performance
Very low print temperature, extend the life of the print head
2, printing materials:
In pieces of various self-adhesive label paper, all kinds of high quality paper, coated paper, all kinds of synthetic paper
3, use:
Pieces of the non-drying label, carton labels, tickets, to sign/tag;
Mixer is particularly suited to a variety of self-adhesive label printing purposes;
Mixer used high-speed printing.
Ordering information:
1) how label size paper core
(2) the label material
(3) using what kind of label printer
(4) special requirements are welcome,for OEM design & size, MOQ: 2000 rolls
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